Our Philosophy

As experienced and trained caregivers, we believe that the care and the interest of the children are of the utmost importance at all times. First of all, we believe that children must feel safe and loved in order to grow and develop normally--they need a nurturing environment. Love provides security to a child; infants receive input mainly through kinesthetic and gustatory senses. Therefore, we believe a baby requires a reliable and consistent person who is "touchy-feely" in expressing their love and care.

We also believe that children of different ages communicate in wildly different ways. This fact alone makes the proper care of young ones interactive in nature. The caregiver must be able to observe, listen to, and understand what children are communicating. We also put value in the creativity of caregivers, which lends the unique ability to sensitively respond to a child's unique situation.

How It Works

We strive to make the process of finding a caregiver as simple and secure as possible. To ensure their security and yours, we require a small fee prior to initializing contact with any caregiver. This gives you the chance to search for caregivers in your area without cost, but keeps all inquiries that they receive serious.

The process is simple:

  1. Sign up for a paid account or free trial

  2. Either post a job listing, or contact caregivers on your own accord

  3. Use our messaging system to find the perfect caregiver for your needs

  4. Choose who to hire!

Permanent Placement Guarantee

Nanny Heroes offers permanent placement services as a stand-alone service outside of our subscription services. This service is designed for those that want to outsource everything related to placing a permanent job seeker in your home or business. Our professionals will collaborate with you in order to find the perfect fit for your family or business, conducting all the necessary interviews, background checks, drug tests, and other screening procedures. We won't rest until the perfect job seeker is placed into your home or business.

Please contact us if you are interested.